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  To search our stolen weapon archive you may enter your search criteria below.   If you are trying to check for a specific weapon by serial number to see if this weapon has been submitted as a stolen weapon, you must use the "Search Serial" button below and the serial number that you enter must be the exact serial number on the weapon.  Entering a partial match will not return any results.   The serial number must match precisely.

General Search:
example searches: You can search for things like caliber, type of weapon (hand gun, shotgun, etc etc) model of weapon, caliber, the date of theft, city of theft, state of theft and Law Enforcement Agency that received the report of the theft.
ex. 12 gauge, .38 caliber, shotgun, remington, California, Las Vegas, and for a date, use the format YYYY-mm-dd (2008-01-30)
Remember, you can search partial matches like 38 will match .38 or 38 caliber, 12 would match 12 gauge and rem would match Remington.
Serial Search
You must login to do a serial search. The serial search below is ONLY for searching a valid weapon serial number.  The serial number that you enter MUST be the exact serial number that belongs to the weapon.  If the number you enter is even off a single letter or number you will not get a result.